Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Playing (on) Christmas

As I was writing, we have spent this Christmas in a big family situation in Gdańsk. It was cool, better than I expected (although I didn't expect anything, as usual, ok, maybe I expected to relax and reset my brain after all what happened - and that worked). So new way for spending Christmas. We were like 11,5 people (0,5 is the daughter of my cousin). Family, food, presents, christmas tree - real Christmas. Apart from standard christmas activities we also played... scrabble (instead of watching TV)...

and we also played... instruments. As I got a Hawaii guitar from Jacek, we all got inspired and cousin Michał brought all his instruments - we did a "family session". It appeared however that 2 of the family members are musically educated (cousin Michał and uncle Wojtek), not like the rest of us.

Ha! We will see what happens when we record a "family album" in summer. If we do it Curators-like then the "professionals" will have to play instruments they don't know. Anyway, did you know that my Dad and his brothers had a band in the 1960'? It was the first polish beat band, called "Blue Jeans". They had self-made electric guitars, some percussion etc. Yes, yes, shame we don't have any recordings... but that was long time ago.
So - playful Christmas!


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