Saturday, August 14, 2010

Am I Berlin?

Why did I agree to take part in the "Be Berlin. Berlin Dein Gesicht" project? Well, there are 2 reasons. First of all - I was invited. So I didn't say "no". Second - as a Polish princess - I am very happy to be on the top... of the Siegesaule. Imagine, a Polish woman (wearing a diadem) on the main Berlin monument? How could I reject such an opportunity? Ok, I am among 200 other Berliners, but still! Now the polish princessdom can be officially registered. Finally!

Last Wednesday there was a ceremony - an inauguration of the project - large size photos of 200 chosen Berliners were displayed at the Siegesaule. I was there. The event itself was a bit boring, it was raining and nobody told us what to do, so I had my own fun. At some point I have noticed that people are taking photos with one woman, well dressed, seemed important. So out of boredom I thought: ok, me too. So there I have a picture of me (I didn't wear the diadem, since it is not waterproof and it was raining) with this woman that I have no idea who she is. If any of you, my dear Readers, knows her, please let me know. Till then I am completely blank on that. But at least there was some fun, since I consider the whole project... well. No, no comment on that.
The mysterious woman and me.

The best artwork

Once my Dad said to me, that when whatever crap piece of art is titled "motherhood" it is perceived as great artwork. He based his statement on observations, I guess. He is an artist (a conceptual artist). I have never made an artwork with that title, but after my recent life changing experience I can say that motherhood as such is a preliminary state of actually creating a great "artwork"...