Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Herr... Hermann Nitsch

Last Sunday, ah, early in the morning... we went to see Hermann Nitsch at the Renaissance Theater, he held a lecture at the Berliner Lektionen event thing. It was great. He is a dionisian figure, a legend. He spoke about his art (of course) - it was very interesting - I didn't even fall asleep although he spoke german, it was dark, confortable seats and it was early as for me. If I could compare his attitude towards life or the audience I would say he is a bit like Frei Otto (I saw him once having a lectuer at the AA), one of the old generation heros. What they both have incommon is the respect and no-EGO attitude. What was also very inspiring was that he siad that ideas don't really matter, what is important is WORK. True, true. After the lecture we were invited to the VIP area for a warm meal and coffee! Of course I liked this whole event - there was free coffee! Well done!


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