Thursday, November 30, 2006

Herr Hermann

Last night we went to the grand opening of the retrospective exhibition of Herr Nitsch in Martin-Gropius-Bau. The exhibition itself is very good, many photos and great paintings. I liked it a lot. At the opening there were some (too-long-german-style) speaches which I survived bravely. Later on there was a buffet - some sandwiches and white wine from Prinzendorf, FOR FREE! The wine was not so good but it was well chilled. I have heard that the VIPs went later on to a private party where they drank red wine, which was supposed to be a lot better. We, the mortal ones, were satisfied with white wine. It was fine. Among the audience we met also Herr Mueller, a faithful visitor of various openings where drinks are for free. He always knows where to go. By the end of the opening there was a great concert of the music composed by Herr Nitsch. It was really amazing, I remembered suddenly that music can be so touching and what is more important, it can get so deep into my mind.

Hermann in the background.


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