Wednesday, October 01, 2008

To burn or not to burn?

How sad can it get? Few days ago somebody burned 2 cars on our street in F'hain. It is a very peaceful and small street, and still! I know, they do burn cars here, especially in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain, as part of the fight with the system. I can understand that. And one of the cars burned on our street was a Deutsche Bahn - Car Sharing car. Ok, understandable, to some point. But the other car, as I read in Berliner Zeitung, belonged to a young girl, who didn't have insurance... F'cked up for her. So that dubious fight against the system, got actually bad for an innocent girl, a Friedrichshain girl, a student? or a hippie? young mother? Why don't they burn all these BMWs, Mercedeses or Porsches in Kudamm? Or in Zehlendorf?


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