Friday, November 24, 2006

Second Life on Tuesday night...

I was recently invited to give a presentation about Second Life (since I did my "Medi@cus" project, I use SL, well sometimes, it is too addictive for me). However there will be a presentation on Nov 28th: in New Thinking in Tucholskystr. 48 in Mitte at 8PM, organised by DiGA e.V. - The Digital Game Archive. You are all welcome! Those of you who are in SL can also join - online - I will be screening SL live. In case my SL name is Anna Noonan. For the presentation I also made myself a new makeup and got new earrings (in SL of course)!

I always wanted that my avatar looks as much as me, ok, in SL the possibilities are a bit limited, but I tried. So no furry ears, no angel wings, no big tits.


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