Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Curators in Juno

On Thursday we had this concert in Juno Lounge (Josetti Höfe). This time it was different. We played with Thomas, but this time we couldn't do any painting actions due to the interior - it was all white. So Thomas played the music along. We had video projections in various themes, like catastrophes (my subject!). How was it? Hard to say, a friend of mine said, he was expecting "songs"... Surprise, surprise! Ok, we can "do" songs, but as we improvise, each time they are different songs (read: we can't play the same songs). This time, however, we didn't do "songs". And as for me, I guess I was too quiet, nobody heard my guitar (is it enough that I just stand there, mute, with my gorgeous pink guitar? I guess not). In the last piece I realized that for the whole time, I was just turning the volume button on my guitar in the wrong direction... well, well. No comment on that.


Blogger nytuan said...

my gosh, I wish I could've made it there, you and your pink guitar - it's just gorgeous!

9:52 am  

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