Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad Hair Life

I am a happy person, basically. As a Gemini, I am torn between extremities - chaos and order, love and hate, as a polish person I am somewhere (as most other polish people) between wild Russians and precise Prussians. When we (the polish) are emotional, or we drink (like I like vodka, yes yes) then our eastern Russian soul wakes up, when we work, we can be as precise as the Prussians are. We are in between, at least I am. Just to mention - my grandmother was Russian.
I am in control of many things, but one - my hair. The chaos on my head is just wild. Sometimes I cover it with the crown, sometimes I try to comb, but that usually doesn't help. It was always like that. As I was a child, I used to have short hair, that was helpful. But the other side was - as I was not really a girly-girl, when I was like 3 years old, I thought I was a boy. Well, short hair, trousers, climbing trees, doing all that, yes, I thought I was a boy. Till I felt in love for the first time, when I was 4, I felt in love with a boy. Since then I am constantly in love. Platonic or not. Since then also I keep my hair growing, till I get bored. I cut it then, short, just to skip brushing. Then I let it grow again. Like now. Every day for me is the same - just literally Bad (Wild) Hair Day.

This is an old photo I found in my computer. I had short hair, it was back in 2001. And actually that photo was taken in Berlin, long before I moved here. (Photo: Ale Arizmendi)


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