Monday, November 10, 2008

Polish Nails

I am in Warsaw now, on Saturday we had this concert with Thomas Wagner (was great), now I still hung around here, working on VOX Design a bit. And I watched polish news on TV and that is why I am writing. I am so ashamed, seems (as we all know anyway) that some polish politicians are really racists. The comments on (the cool) new US president Obama, are ridiculous. I won't even quote, I am so ashamed. These people are so stupid, so racist that I don't really know how can they be working in a parliament of a country, even a country like Poland. Sometimes I am happy that I don't spend here too much time to watch that circus.

Obama's poster in NYC, May 2008
I know that Polish people always loved Americans, in a sort of an American Dream. Always waiting for the Americans to "save" them, which never happened. Sometimes this love was going really far, maye too far, like when the polish government (the last one) bought some old military airplanes (F15) that were to be thrown away by the Americans anyway, in order to hope for a visa-free entry to the US. That deal, of course, never happened. We have the planes, we still need the visa. Polish government was always licking the ass of Uncle Sam. Till now. As the new (cool) president has a colour of the skin, slightly different than that of the slavic "chosen nation" reigned by the queen Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, called Poland. So what happened to the polish American Dream?


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