Friday, December 01, 2006

Death Instinct

"L'instinct de mort" (Death Instinct) is the title of the autobiography of Jacques Mesrine, the French "Public Enemy n°1". Wikipedia says: Mesrine made burglaries, jewelry shop and bank robberies, kidnappings and arms smuggling. He also killed many people, including noncooperative pimps – he boasted about 39 murders in total. He was good at disguising himself, earning him a nickname of "The Man of a Hundred faces". Some claim that the French right-wing terrorist group OAS supplied him with false ID papers. Now I say: But on the other hand, he was a romantic figure, beloved by the press and media. I would say, Mesrine and his "Belle Italienne" were sort of archetypes for Bonnie and Clyde or Mickey and Mallory Knox. I didn't read the book yet, I just ordered it online. But last night we went to Kino Blow up where our friend Olli Huebel organised a staged reading of "der Todestrieb" with live music. It was very good: 2 hours of great music, good reading (I didn't even fell sleep - and the reading was in german!) and a bit of ordinary theatre. Ok. But the music and atmosphere were really great!

This is the flyer for the event

And this is Jacques Mesrine, the cool guy.


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