Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our Lord (Foster)!

So the next issue of Vox Design officially went to print today. Those of you who will have a chance to read it (ok, it is in polish) may stumble upon my little hobby. So in the next Vox Design, in our calender section, we have info about some architectural event - a competition (don't remember which one), where the Lord is chairman of the jury. In a moment of craziness, as I was editing this text, instead of leaving the text as it was "architect Norman Foster" I changed it to "Lord Foster". Later on, our editor changed it again to "lord Norman Foster", but I thought it was too... casual. So in the last moment I changed it again to "Lord Foster". I also wanted to add "immortal Lord Foster", but I guess that was too much. So, go and find the Lord in Vox Design nr 11.
You see, as I write about architecture (for architecture magazines) I always try to mention Lord Foster. Even if there is no context, I find one. Why? Apart from a hobby, I really think the Lord is so popular, he is everywhere, so why not writing his name all over again. Once I met him, sorry, Him, again, in Berlin at the UIA Conference in 2002. He was getting another prize, I don't know which one was that. Anyway, that was the time when He was getting prize after prize. I was bored with that so I went to Him to congratulate. Shaking His hand I said: "How does it feel to be Michael Jackson of architecture?" He was confused and answered "oh, I am just a normal man..." and he ran away. Well, the Lord is not normal at all. And for me, He is a pop icon.


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