Monday, October 06, 2008

No boycott for Cohen

So I didn't boycott the O2 arena, no. I don't feel good about it, but I have decided to go to the concert of Leonard Cohen last Saturday. We were like 5 people, so it was ok. And besides we didn't really pay for the tickets, so that is ok as well. Visiting O2 arena is a dubious experience. We all know it is big, some of us hear the music while opening the windows on the other side of the river. And if not the free ticket we would have spent a fortune on this evening. The most horrifying thing was that the parking costs like 5 euro! And once inside you want to have a glass of wine you spend 6,50 euro! It was not even a glass glass, it was a plastic cup. Ok, with glitter so I took it home.

The concert was much better than I thought. I was afraid I would be disappointed, and I wasn't. Cohen was as great and as beautiful I saw him in Lörrach. And I also cried half the time. I must admit the video projections were really amazing, not only a great image quality but the cut! Real pro! What was rather not so good was actually the acoustics in the big hall. I guess nobody really thought of that, maybe they forgot to include that in the brief, but the geometry of the hall is like... acoustically bad? So that was it, Saturday night. I did go there, and once was enough.


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