Monday, October 06, 2008

Red Lord

So yesterday I wrote a 10.000 characters long text on Venice Architecture Biennale for "Architektura&Biznes" (a polish architecture magazine). Somewhere in the length of the text I managed to write: "nieustraszony Lord Foster" (in translation fearless or dauntless). So you see, I follow my hobby (read post below). I just hope the editors will not cut it out.

While writing this text and researching, I stumbled upon a very interesting news on the Internet. You see our immortal Lord Foster was just honoured with a a China Friendship Award by the People’s Republic of China. He was an only architect among other 50 people who got the prize. It was for the Olympics, actually for the new Beijing Airport. That is the news from Sept 29th, 2008. Very new news. Read what the Lord said about all that:
“I am deeply honoured to receive this most prestigious award. We have been privileged to work in China for over ten years now, from the Jiushi Headquarters in Shanghai to the new Beijing Airport – the largest and most advanced in the world. I was very proud to see the new terminal fulfil its role as a gateway to Beijing in good time for the Olympics. I would like to pay tribute to all the talented individuals and collaborating teams that have, with the BCIA, worked together to realise this project.”
I don't need to comment on that, do I?


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