Saturday, November 01, 2008

Berlin Art Fairs part II.

Part II: Art Forum & Bridge Art Fair
I was really really positively surprised about Art Forum - I liked it. Honestly. There were many cool works, much more than last year. You see, I like to think in structural ways, I put everything in tables, lists, systems. Those of you who don't know me better, may be surprised, but I am actually not chaotic, I am a structured person. In my art, in my texts, there are structures, even when I am cleaning (ok, not my favourite activity) I think of doing everything in optimized systems. And as I visited Art Forum, I tried to put the works in systems, because after 5 booths, I was unable to perceive things (art!) clearly. and again, from the visible trends at the art Forum we have:
A - acrylic, A - architecture, A - abstract, A - akwarela (watercolour), A - a la design
So here some examples:

A - acrylic - plastic fantastic is a popular material, Murakami-like.

Murakami was there... or not?

A - architecture - many projects with architectural models or photos or whatever, with better or worse results.

Cheesy house! Cool, huh?

Come on, you wouldn't pass your project with such a model on architectural studies, believe me!

A - abstract - still alive, and is big and colorful

Ok, that one again, I think I saw that plexi last year...

A - akwarela (watercolour) - more and more popular

Watercolour... makes sense.

A - a la design - many artworks are really almost design products. The difference lies... not in price anymore, but in a label - what is called art and what is called design. Almost the same works could be seen on design exhibitions as on art exhibitions. Interesting.

Design-like art work... I've seen something like that on some design blog... maybe was the same project from the same person?

Design or art?

Almost Qubus... but/and cool.

As for the motifs, well, apart from the "classical" ones one sees every year, there was more nature (like mystic forests - either paintings or photography) and fantasy (fairy-tale themes). Also I have seen a baseball bat... twice. Seems an inspiring object, that old bat.

Seems an inspiring object, that old bat.

I guess I skip Berliner Liste this year.

After Art Forum we went to Bridge Art Fair, which was quite interesting, and the gallerists were much more friendly - you know Americans and their easy-going attitude. Big contrast to the tense and silent European gallerists. Although when I was at the Kunstsalon I got 2 pens from a (German) gallerist - yes, yes, one silver and one golden (well, not real gold, of course).

But it was funny, to get pens with the gallery logo on it. When I looked closer I also found little phrase: Made in China. Whet else!
- I will use the silver pen on the common days... - I said to the gallerist - and the golden one...
- On Sunday! - he replied.
- Exactly, on the washing day. - I answered and left with my treasures in hand.

I must admit Bridge Art Fair was cool, with some good works. They did not get that much press as the other "standard" satellite fairs, but it was a good experience. However at some point I couldn't anymore... I couldn't look at art. I've had enough... so we left to Bang Bang Club.


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