Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mahjongg plays...

It was so refreshing to go to the Bang Bang Club after all these art openings. I needed something different (than art). There were 2 concerts: Program (the band of Alex) and Mahjongg (apparently a cool band). And Mahjongg was cool. They started hard and rough, with beats, and continued hard and rough. Boys, boys, boys! Mahjongg boys, in their washed-away sleeveless T-shirts, are truly a band for the girls. Sweaty, manly and wild, Chippendales with drums, just more punky. And I tell you what's the secret - it is the rhythm. Just like in sex, after the (necessary or not) foreplay, of hormones, pheromones, or whatever chemistry you want, it is the rhythm that makes the world spin. So did I come? No, I just went home.


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