Thursday, November 30, 2006

Herr Hermann

Last night we went to the grand opening of the retrospective exhibition of Herr Nitsch in Martin-Gropius-Bau. The exhibition itself is very good, many photos and great paintings. I liked it a lot. At the opening there were some (too-long-german-style) speaches which I survived bravely. Later on there was a buffet - some sandwiches and white wine from Prinzendorf, FOR FREE! The wine was not so good but it was well chilled. I have heard that the VIPs went later on to a private party where they drank red wine, which was supposed to be a lot better. We, the mortal ones, were satisfied with white wine. It was fine. Among the audience we met also Herr Mueller, a faithful visitor of various openings where drinks are for free. He always knows where to go. By the end of the opening there was a great concert of the music composed by Herr Nitsch. It was really amazing, I remembered suddenly that music can be so touching and what is more important, it can get so deep into my mind.

Hermann in the background.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Second Life on Tuesday night...

I was recently invited to give a presentation about Second Life (since I did my "Medi@cus" project, I use SL, well sometimes, it is too addictive for me). However there will be a presentation on Nov 28th: in New Thinking in Tucholskystr. 48 in Mitte at 8PM, organised by DiGA e.V. - The Digital Game Archive. You are all welcome! Those of you who are in SL can also join - online - I will be screening SL live. In case my SL name is Anna Noonan. For the presentation I also made myself a new makeup and got new earrings (in SL of course)!

I always wanted that my avatar looks as much as me, ok, in SL the possibilities are a bit limited, but I tried. So no furry ears, no angel wings, no big tits.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Herr... Hermann Nitsch

Last Sunday, ah, early in the morning... we went to see Hermann Nitsch at the Renaissance Theater, he held a lecture at the Berliner Lektionen event thing. It was great. He is a dionisian figure, a legend. He spoke about his art (of course) - it was very interesting - I didn't even fall asleep although he spoke german, it was dark, confortable seats and it was early as for me. If I could compare his attitude towards life or the audience I would say he is a bit like Frei Otto (I saw him once having a lectuer at the AA), one of the old generation heros. What they both have incommon is the respect and no-EGO attitude. What was also very inspiring was that he siad that ideas don't really matter, what is important is WORK. True, true. After the lecture we were invited to the VIP area for a warm meal and coffee! Of course I liked this whole event - there was free coffee! Well done!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Tonight we have just finished a finissage of the exhibition of Ingo Kniest (at ZERO) and soon I will be going to Mysliwska (cool bar in Kreuberg, what is important, 1 min. from our gallery) to meet some polish girls who want to discuss polish art and culture in Berlin. We will see. Anyway, I am ready for that - I have already drank few Spritz - my favourite drink (right after polish Vodka Zołądkowa) which is typical for Venice. It is Aperol and Champagne with a green olive. Great! I love it.

He watched me

On the next day we were in the kitchen and Jacek noticed that the old man, the neighbour has a visitor and he is waving at us! We ran away from the window! Ah, so he knows it was me! Now he watched me! The roles have changed. Who watches who?
But the story is not over yet.

Police action

I was watching the balcony door every day... every evening... it was always open. I started really to think something happened to the old man. You never know...
I thought of calling the police, but then I was afraid they will send me back to Poland. I don't know why but german police is not what I like to be involved with. After talking with different friends I have decided finally to call the cops. Then, an idea came to me that I could film the whole event. Like, the "Whole World Part 2". So I borrowed two cameras, set them up, one in the window, so that it points to the street and the balcony of the old man, but is covered that nobody sees it is a camera. The second camera, which I borrowed from Anna was already suitable for secret filming, it was in a bag with a special hole for the lens. Full professional! I set up the equipment, called the police, told them I suspect something bad might have happened with my neighbour. When they came, I ran down to film them with my hidden camera and sound recorder (hidden mike). They wrote down my name and birth date, then they went into the building to check up the old man. In the meantime I run upstairs to film from the window. After few minutes they left. It appeared that the old man lives and apparently he likes it chilly in the flat. I admit I was relieved that nothing bad happened. Ten minutes after the police left the old man closed the balcony door and pulled up the curtain.

I have filmed the whole event and will make the "Whole World 2" video. Soon.
In the end, if I didn't watch the man, if I didn't do the first video I wouldn't ever notice that something could have been wrong. Well, nothing was wrong, but you never know.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Missing man

About 2 years ago I have made a video about our neighbour who lives in the building opposite. I watched him every day, filming from my balcony. Here is the link to the movie (The Whole World) >>>
The man was spending whole days on the balcony, eating, drinking, all alone. Amazing, I felt sorry for him, a bit. Maybe his wife died and he lives alone and takes care of beautiful roses on the balcony to remember her... or maybe he is an old Stasi agent, not so strange for them to live in old houses in Friedrichshain... However I watched him now and then... I got used to his presence. That what the video is about as well.

A still from The Whole World

For winter he was usually gone, closing the balcony and his outdoor life, leaving probably to for a holiday in a dacha. Who knows? But some days ago I noticed that his balcony stays open, in the evening no lights on, during the day he is not there. I started to imagine, is he gone while leaving the doors open? But it is already cold! Or he... passed away? Then nobody would know - he lives alone. And the smell of the rotten body would flow away with the wind through the door... strange. If the doors will be open all night tonight we might call the police! In any case I will keep an update on the missing balcony man.

This is his open balcony, photo taken today. And it is not that warm in Berlin anymore. It is winter!

Who cares... who reads...

I cannot write this blog properly, it crashes all the time. I have no idea if it is the Netscape I am using or the Blogger server... ah.... anyway, I guess nobody is reading it anyway. But I will continue...